AADP Board of Directors

yusuf hasan, chairman

Mr. Hasan has served on the AADP Board of Directors for the past 40 years and has been Chairman for the past 4 years. His primary profession is in the healthcare field , as he is a Board Certified Chaplain and specializes in Pediatric Palliative Care and Inter-Faith Spiritual Counseling. Hasan is skilled in Non-Profit Organizations, Community Organizing & Volunteerism,  Event Planning, Public Speaking and Leadership. 

He is committed to the advancement of the African American community and is a devoted  member of the Historical Masjid Malcolm Shabazz in Harlem, NY,  which was founded on the leadership of Imam W. Deen Mohammad.


synchana elkerson, communcation & Pr director

Synchana has an array of skills and talents that she uses to inspire her community. Her primary trade is psychology and she is a masters level Mental Health Professional, specializing in counseling and psycho-education. She is devoted to de-stigmatizing counseling and improving mental health outcomes of individuals in disadvantaged communities.

Synchana is also a community organizer and is actively involved with the rebranding of the AADP. She has experience in Non-Profit Management,  Business Marketing & Branding, Web Development, Graphic Design, Communications & Public Relations, Event Planning, Stage Productions and the Performing Arts. 

LAFAYETTE JAMES, JR., media director

Lafayette James Jr. is a seasoned video producer with a B.S. degree in Communication Science from the University of Connecticut. He is a well-versed creative that has been specializing in developing enticing visuals for the past 8 years. Lafayette is the Founder of Moolou Vision Media Productions LLC., a thriving video production company based out of Bridgeport, CT. 

This will be Lafayette’s first year as the Media Director for the AADP and he is very excited to have the duty of sourcing and curating our own media with the community and for the community.

AADP- Melvin.jpg

Melvin Muhammad, Security Director

Melvin Muhammed has served on the AADP Board of Directors as the Security Director for over 40 years. He has been committed to securing the parade route and teaching security volunteers how to be a buffer between the community and the police department to make the AADP a safe and enjoyable event for all. 

Muhammed became introduced to the AADP through his membership at the Historical Masjid Malcolm Shabazz in Harlem, NY. He has been committed to providing his security expertise to events and organizations that seek to improve the community.   

aadp advisory board 2018


Livingston Wingate

Conrad Peters

Jacqueline Peterson

Abdel Krim

Abe Snyder

Cenie J. Williams

Ennis Francis

Joseph Steele

Piankhi Akinbaloye

Bernice Bolar

Adeyemi Oyeilumi

Llyod Mayo

Leonard Davis

AADP Board of Directors

Abe Snyder

Chairman Emeritus

Yusuf Hasan

Tamara Norman
Vice Chairman
Melvin Muhammed,
Director of Security
Synchana Elkerson
Director of Communications & PR

Lafayette James Jr. 
 Director of Media

                       Doctor Bob Lee                         Board Member 


Advisory Board

 Imam Izak-EL M. Pasha

Charles Billups

Kamaria Buchanan

Cordell Cleare

Theodore Collins

Sharase DeBouse

Monique Fremong-Manso

Veronica Hickman

Theresa Mack

Mujib Mannan

Delisa McGregor

Felicia Richards

Jasmine Robinson

Olivia Sanders

Elbert Shamsid-dean